For Students..

Being a student you know how hard things can be! Students often have problems prioritising and tackling workloads.

You may be finding it difficult to deal with high content subjects and organising your busy schedule.

We can help with time management and motiviation via continuous online support. We can also help with subject specific tutoring.

For Parents..

A levels and degree level educational demands are often very anxious and stressful times for teenagers and young adults.
This anxiety can mean more and more students do not fulfill their potential.

We can help your child time manage their workload and extracurricular schedule, but also hone their technical and writing skills.

A Line Tutors can also give one to one subject-specific tutoring.

Available packages

Package 1) Time management, revision programme and mentoring

Available face to face and online.

Ideal for students who are faced with mountains of work and simply don’t know where or how to begin.
A Line Tutors can give a student the tools to plan and stick to a personal work programme and revision schedule. We will monitor closely and mentor the student along the way, making the previously unmanageable, manageable!

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Package 2) Psychology subject specific tutoring and mentoring

Available face to face and online

Great for students studying psychology who are faced with a difficult essay or topic area and usually don’t know where to begin. A Line Tutors will help breakdown the essay writing process step by step, developing excellent essay writing technique and structure.

We can also go through exam questions and answers plus explain any troublesome topic areas, giving you detailed feedback.

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Package 3) Time management plus psychology subject specific support (Package 1 & 2)

Available face to face and online

Great for students who are studying psychology, who would also benefit from our time management monitoring.

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Package 4) Art GCSE and A Level tuition

Available face to face and online

For students studying art who need help with a project or art topic over period of weeks.
This mentoring includes looking at other artists past and present for inspiration. Additionally, it includes advice and explanation of a variety of techniques and mediums, in order to aid the development of ideas for a final painting or mixed media composition.

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